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Facts about Dog Waste - Chemical Breakdown and Prevention

Piles of dog feces in your yard not only look bad, smell bad and pose a walking hazard, but they also are unhealthy. Feces can contain E.Coli, giardia, hookworm, salmonella, tapeworm, whip worm, heart worm and parasites. It is a great way to prevent Toxocariasis.  Many dogs will even eat leftovers from themselves or other  animals. (Coprophagia)  A pile of dog poop in your yard decomposes very slowly because of its protein base. This creates a thin layer of methane that gives off plenty of heat for worms, maggots, centipedes, black beetles and a whole host of others to lay their eggs and hang out in. If your dog is not 100% vegetarian - this protein (meat) base is the haven for insects.


If your dog eats these health -threatening items, it goes directly to where the problem can start - in their stomach. It also is a huge contributor to excessive waste water run off contamination. The piles can also attract rodents, raccoon's and vermin on to your property.