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Why consider Dog Gone It to be your service provider? Because we care!

"Tommy and the folks @ Dog Gone It are awesome. I was in a car accident that left me unable to do many of the things that I used to be able to, and DGIYD stepped right in and filled my yard duty needs. They are very responsive, very capable, very professional and overall a delight to work with. They send text messages, follow up with phone calls to see if there are any issues and even bring my empty garbage cans in from the street! Since my accident I have once again become able to provide for myself...but I have made the decision to keep Dog Gone It on board. I appreciate the work that they do, the professional manner in which they do it, and the entrepreneurial spirit in this locally owned and operated company. I have recommended them to family and friends, and therefore would recommend them to you all as well. Please give them a call for any of your pet's needs. Thanks guys for all you do".  Shawn, Jenny, Bentley and Lou

"I just wanted to send a testimonial about your service:
This service is such a convenience! It's so nice not to have to worry about where my family and the kids' friends step in the backyard. They're extremely reliable, very thorough, and come like clockwork. I'm really happy I found them; no one would know I have two dogs.
John Norton 

"Thanks for doing the dirty work! We know we were a little outside of your service area and the yard is bad, feel free to leave the evidence by my initial collection near the gate. Thanks again"!

Carrie and Frank Busic - 

"Jim and I thank you so much for keeping out backyard so clean and us not having to worry about our daughter finding something new to play in". Kami and Jim Philips - 

"I have used DGIYD for seven years. Tom’s whole staff is very professional and caring for our pets. His team also helps me out keeping the yard clean and that is very helpful having three dogs and full time careers. My wife and I will continue to use Tom’s services while living in Westwood Farms. Our neighbors should really know about this wonderful service".

All the Best Tom and Staff - Anthony, Carrie, Jovie, Frankie and Cali 

"As we're heading into our fifth year with Dog Gone It I can hardly remember what I hated about doing the clean up myself. All I know is that my yard is clean (not only is dog waste removed but rabbit waste too!) Yoda is mostly blind and mostly deaf, but she can smell spring in the air, and happily runs out to her patio/courtyard everyday. I'm so glad that it's healthy for her (and me) and I appreciate your custom pricing for my very small property. Thanks for doing what you do"! JoEllen Kroll 

"Thank God for Tom Miller and Dog Gone It's Yard Duty...We have 2 large boxers and 2 little girls. We love our dogs but HATE the clean up. When the snow melted and we saw the backyard, it was a disastrous mess. We called Tom and they were out the next day and we came home to a clean yard. It was such a great feeling. My girls love playing in the backyard and love having friends over. With Tom and his staff, we know the yard is cleaned up and my kids can run and play without the landmines. He provides a clean backyard for my kids...we cant ask for anymore. We have them come twice a week and plan our lawn mowing around his clean up as well. It is great knowing that if you have last minute guests come over that there is nothing to worry about and our yard is ready. We HIGHLY recommend Tom and his staff to anyone with pets...he does what we all hate to do". Amy and Steve Robinson 

"We are very pleased with the clean up service provided by Cindy. Our yard looks great and the two dogs are happy that their favorite places are "available". Having this help makes owning two dogs for these two senior citizens a real joy. A big thank you"! Dale and Judy Wall 

"I fractured my knee and was on crutches for 9 weeks last winter and I could not get into the yard and do my cleanup after a long winter. I looked on the web and lo and behold… I found my angel with a scooper!!! Tommy was such a blessing and continued to clean up for my 2 dogs all summer!!!! I cannot praise him and his service enough. He was always prompt and did such a thorough job. I intend to use his company for pet sitting so my husband and I can enjoy some vacation time together real soon. Thanks again Tommy…you have a great service"! Nina & Bob 

"I am now starting my seventh season with your team cleaning my yard on a weekly basis. I can honestly say that you have been a life saver. I love my two german shepherds to death, but I hate cleaning up after them. Like yourself, I am constantly on the go. I schedule my lawn mowings around your crew cleaning up my yard. It is such a blessing to come to my property and be able to just mow the lawn. I wish all of my clients would use your services. I have watched many companies grow. Some have grown too fast and lose that personal touch, but you have maintained that top notch service that every pet owner wants. Your team is always on schedule, and your prices have remained extremely reasonable. I highly recommend your service to everyone. Thanks again Tom, keep up the great work"! Todd Jones - Olmsted Falls Jones Landscapes Inc.

" Dog Gone it Yard Duty and staff are the best! Tom is a professional and his love for animals shows every time I talk with him. My neighbor called me and told me all about Tom and how well he takes care of her dogs, so I used his company" !Wendy Nehrenz  

"I just wanted to say thank you VERY much!!!!!!!! I looked in my backyard after the 1st real thaw and was horrified. I did NOT want to clean up that mess. I have one gianormous dog, one medium sized dog, and it’s been a very long winter. The thought alone disgusted me.

One call to DGIYD and I was at ease. Tommy assured me he’d be there as soon as possible. He told me he would call the day before and let me know when he was coming. He did just as promised and took care of the backyard. I came home after work and saw the bags of doggie doo! Thank you Tommy!!!!! I wouldn’t have done a better job if I attempted it myself". John McCater 

"The yard looked great! Your voice mail cracked me up! I didn't realize that you checked it out to make sure there wasn't any foreign objects in there. Mike

"I could not always get to the yard cleanup because of late work hours and a bad back. Saving the cleanup for the weekend was not fair to the dogs. I was lucky enough to find Dog Gone It on the web. Tom and his staff are friendly and courteous. They do a good job of cleaning my large yard and the dogs love them. I intend to use the service as long as I have dogs in Tom's service area. Bob Motz

Recently one of my dogs figured out how to open the gate and was roaming the neighborhood. Tom spent much time and effort to capture him and return him to the yard and devise a makeshift way to keep him in the yard until my return from work to install a second lock. I'm forever grateful to Tom for saving my dog from potential danger. Thanks Tom"! S. Skinner

"I love this service... Thanks Tom for all you guys do"! Amber Briane 

"We were really impressed to see how nice the yard looks and Mike is excited to starting mowing the lawn without having to watch out for the landmines. I appreciate how much effort went into cleaning up after the 3 dogs for such a great price. We are definitely interested in setting up with you for the season. We were so glad we found you and Dog Gone It". Nicole Bihari 

"I don't even have a dog, but after seeing Tom Miller's Dog Gone It certifications and business philosophies, it makes me want to get one"! Marvin C.- SCORE Business Management Counselor

"Thank you for donating the Doggie Mansion for the W.A.G.S. 4 Kids raffle. We never thought that we would win it! That was such a wonderful blessing for us! Gracie (our rescued Great Pyranese) and Faith (our rescued Shepard/Bull Terrier mix) like to go and sit inside of it, while our 2 chihuahuas, Bingo and Angel, prefer to sit on the porch.

Mary, John and Mary Beth D'Onofrio with Gracie

"I became a customer due to the fact that my previous dog cleanup company had to close their business. Tom was very happy to have me as a new client. I only had them as "pooper scoopers" for about 6 weeks or so when my dog had to be put to sleep. After Lilly's passing, they were notified and did one good final cleanup for me. They were also very happy to refund the money for unused services. The positive thing that came out of this experience in working with Tom was the fact that the refund came quickly. I did not have to constantly call waiting for my refund. I would not hesitate in recommending this company to anyone. In fact, if I ever extended my family to include another 4 legged human, I wouldn't give contacting them a second thought in taking care of my property". Kathy Burley 

"You're right our boy definitely loves sticks! Thanks again for helping us out on such short notice. We will definitely keep you in mind for the future. Your attention to his pooping was above and beyond the call of doodie"! Melissa, Karl and Carson Crist 

Congratulations on this exciting new venture. I am certain that your pet care service company will become one of the finest of its kind in Greater Cleveland. May "Dog Gone It Yard Duty" and you enjoy every success. Board of Cuyahoga County Commissioners - Peter Lawson Jones

I have started to use Dog Gone It to service my yard on a weekly basis. They are prompt and quick. I highly recommend them and will continue to use all Dog Gone It Yard Duty's services". Carol Bobka 

I knew there were "dog poop cleanup services" however I was not aware that such a professional service existed like Dog Gone It!! I've used their services 3 times now and the owner Tommy is very kind caring individual whom I am very impressed with. Look forward to using his services as spring approaches, they truly are a great company. Justin Healey 

"In support of Sts. Joseph and John's annual Blue and Gold Gala event, we won the Dog Gone It Yard Duty service. We love it!" The Vollman Family 

When I heard what it was a week for Dog Gone It's "Yard Duty" I thought it was a misprint. I called immediately to take advantage. It isn't a joke. They really have saved my back, my time and anxiety. Thanks again for the excellent service and the 2 weeks free! Terry C.

"Being a dog professional, installing underground fences and working on a daily basis, I see the need for Dog Gone It Yard Duty up close and personal. I refer all my clients to Tom and his services as part of my first visit to a client, or potential client.

Based on genetic studies in 93-96 concluded that 95% of fecal coli form found in urban storm water was not of human origin. This bacterium can pose health risks to humans and other animals, and result in the spread of disease. It has been estimated that for watersheds of up to twenty-square miles draining to a small coastal bays, two or three days droppings from a population of about 100 dogs would contribute enough bacteria and nutrients to temporarily close a bay to swimming and shell fishing (USEPA). Pet waste can also be a factor in eutrophication of lakes. The release of nutrients from the decay of pet waste promotes weed and algae growth, limiting light penetration and the positive growth of aquatic vegetation. This in turn can reduce oxygen levels in the water, affecting fish and other aquatic organisms.

Dog waste is a huge problem and as such takes a professional, like Tom and his staff at Dog Gone It Yard Duty, to handle". Bob Lehman- Contain-A-Pet

My wife and I use Dog Gone It Yard Duty for weekly cleanups. My wife despises picking up after our Great Pyrenees, Lily. I'm on the road traveling most of the week, so we have Dog Gone It stop out and take care of business. Thanks for the great service. Chris B.

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