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Thank you for the opportunity to earn your business. Dog Gone It Yard Duty is happy to serve your residence, and companions with “Yard Duty” services. We promise to do our very best each and every visit and walk the property in an effective systematic manner to care for your property like you are one of our very own family members.

Because you never know when situations may change, we have developed this guarantee for us to best serve you.

Client’s move, change jobs, and unfortunately in life we lose loved ones. We honor a “No Bones About It” refund if you need to cancel service. We show you in writing that we continue to honor our high ethics and standards of business practices. If situations arise, please make us aware as soon as possible so that we can make note on your property info or issue you a refund of any unused portion of payment.

To get started is easy!

Start or cancel anytime without any cancellation fees.

New clients receive 2 FREE visits if you sign up for the current session! *Must have minimum 6 weeks left in current service period.

Our Promises to you,

  1. If there are changes in your pet’s stool that would indicate sudden change of health, we will alert you by phone and leave a sample if you should need to take it to your Veterinarian. Health of your companions is important to us. Please let us know if any of your dogs are on / change medications. If your friendly fur kids want to meet us just let us know and we will say hello when we are completed with service!
  2. If your property is scheduled for cleaning on days of weather watch, we will start our routes until we become encumbered. We venture out in all months, only if temperatures (along with wind chill ratings) are above 20 degrees average and below 95 degrees. We dress appropriately, and our bodies are able to sustain colder weather. However, anything lower than 20 we will not service properties and will pick up double during the next day mother nature blesses us with a safer temperature.
  3. If we are delayed on your service day outside of normal business hours clients receive a text/call notification of possible reschedule.
  4. Any referral that signs up with us You Get 2 Free Visits! Vacation credits we extend service weeks. (Let us know if we’re not needed).
  5. If cancellation of session is requested for any reason, we return unused portion, previously collected from you, within 2 business days.
  6. If Schools are closed due to Winter Advisory’s and Blizzard conditions are on the news, we pick up next available day.
  7. If Weather warning is issued by a meteorological agency to warn citizens of approaching dangerous weather we do not come out. A weather watch, on the other hand, typically refers to an alert issued to indicate that conditions are favorable for the development of dangerous weather patterns, although the dangerous weather conditions themselves are not currently present. We work till burdened and any properties unserviced receive a contact.
  8. If Wind Advisory is issued by the National Weather Service of the United States when there are sustained winds of 25–39 miles per hour we will pick up later during the day or next available day. If it’s raining we still come out, if encumbered by lightning storms or severe weather alerts we would pause when weather turns bad and will pick up next available time.
  9. We request lawn be mowed at least every 2 weeks during peak growing seasons. If/When leaves are accumulating in fall we still make every attempt to clean your property thoroughly. We will pick up debris along with the fecal matter if attached.
  10. If you feel we are doing an inconsistent job, please let us know. We want you to be 100% happy with our services. We are human, and we will use it as a learning experience to come out and do it again. We will refund current weeks fees in full for the inconvenience of the text/phone call, or extend a visit depending on your choice.


***We know that the dog waste is unsightly. If we happen to have a cancelled day of service due to the severe weather and you pick up for that service week, please just let us know. We can either issue a refund or add the visit on to the end of your current session, whichever you prefer. Our first priority is fairness to our clients and also providing a safe working environment for our staff.

IF you have friendly dogs that would like to meet us - please warn us first and give us ample time to prepare to give them some attention without a bag in one hand and a glove in another. LOL!

IF you have an Anxious or nervous companion that have a fenced in yard we have a free text/call alert 15-20 minutes prior to your yard being serviced.

We request payment in full for the session from clients to secure weekly property detailing on our service routes or have a monthly credit billing option that includes a $4 processing/convenience fee. (Sessional service clients save almost $50 a year.)

Start or Stop anytime!

Dog Gone It’s 3 billing periods are as follows

Ole Man Winter program - January through March (approx. 13 weeks),

Spring into Summer program - April through August (approx. 22 weeks)

Fall into Winter program - Sept-December (approx. 17 weeks)

All staff members are background checked, uniformed and trained to high standards to keep your property service very thorough and consistent.

Dog Gone It is a registered business in Ohio and carries liability insurance, service bonding and workers compensation plans.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve! Please reach out with any questions or concerns. We would love to hear from you!

Tommy Miller- Founder

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