Billing Information & Privacy

You can utilize Check, Cash, Venmo, and Paypal to process your payments.  Any credit information is securely sent through their site. Your credit card will be charged by Paypal, or Venmo depending on your choice of credit payment. Dog Gone It does not request access to your personal credit information.

Paypal/Miller United/Dog Gone It will appear by the charge on your credit card statement. To process your order, Miller United LLC (Dog Gone It Yard Duty) will have access to your address, email, and phone number. Your phone number may be used in relation to your order, but will never be used to deliver unsolicited commercial messages to you.

Paypal Support Small Business
For session and One-time cleaning clients please enter the total on your invoice + $4 processing/convenience fee.
In order to keep our prices low, we ask for this to offset credit card transaction costs and fees associated with Paypal.
Address Plus Any Special Instructions/Changes?

Our handle is Doggoneit22