Dog Gone It Yard Duty Celebrates 15-Year Anniversary


By: Miller United


Strongsville, OH., 2/28/23 – Dog Gone It Yard Duty, a Bargain Dog Waste Services provider offering cleaner and safe ways to manage dog fecal matter, has celebrated its 15-year anniversary this year.


Dog Gone It was started by Tom Miller in 2007, just one full-time employee. Since that time, Miller has created gainful opportunities and high pay for part-time employees. This has included many Veterans, Retirees, Stay at Home Parents and college students. He offers one of the few highest paying part-time jobs in Ohio.


The company’s focus is on the health of its neighborhoods and the convenience of benefits, with the capability of expanding service areas. The innovation for growth has helped various rescue organizations and Dog Gone It still continues educating about the hazards of unattended waste to our region.


Says Mr. Miller, President, and Founder: “There are big problems in our local area. Most people think dog waste decomposes and just disintegrates into the soil as fertilizer. If dogs were vegetarian that would be true, but because dogs’ diets are based on meat proteins this is not the case. What we have seen in our portion of this state of Ohio is it takes about 5-6 months to visibly decompose 100%. The harmful bacteria go to wastewater runoff areas, sewers, streams, and lakes. This causes eutrophication and promotes algae growth. Which in turn left unattended suffocates healthy bacteria and fish. Also, air pollution samples in Cleveland, Ohio found that 10 to 40 percent of the bacteria in the air came directly from dog poop. I was astounded on how we could let this happen and knew we could help and make something positive happen in our very own communities.”


For pet owners, yard waste service provides a unique alternative to those that cannot physically perform the duties, are short on time or just don’t want to do it. Yard Detailers come to the home weekly or twice weekly to keep yards free of fecal matter on regular routines. The process cuts down on potential Zoonotic disease in children, prevents harboring insect egg layers, decreases vermin and other carnivores from coming on your property and provides a safer atmosphere for all animals on the planet.


Dog Gone It Yard Duty uses a unique system in providing lawn care that is unmatched by other service providers. Nobody gets “it” out better. Over 99% of waste is able to be picked up/out. Using Dog Gone It’s Yard Duty system lawns are able to quickly replenish themselves through rhizome growth, it allows sunlight to enter damaged spots, and severely cuts down on atmospheric contaminants.

Only one-third of small businesses ever reach their 10th anniversary let alone there 15th, and the company could not have achieved this without the support of their customers and a cause-worthy dedicated staff.