January 2007

Dog Gone It Launches Professional Yard Duty Services

Dog Gone It Pet Care Services has launched a “Clean Up Cleveland” campaign to help assist busy pet owners with dog waste maintenance services. Throughout the nation there are over 10,000 independent professional pet dog waste service providers. Founded in 2007, Dog Gone It maintains strong focus on improving the health of the communities of West Cleveland suburbs.

For pet owners, yard waste service provides a unique alternative to those that cannot physically perform the duties, are short on time or just don’t want to do it. Yard Detailers come to the home weekly or twice weekly to keep yards free of fecal matter on regular routines. The process cuts down on potential Zoonotic disease in children, prevents harboring insect egg layers, decreases vermin and other carnivores from coming on your property and provides a safer atmosphere for all animals on the planet.

Dog Gone It Yard Duty uses a unique system in providing lawn care that is unmatched by other service providers. Nobody gets “it” out better than us. Over 99% of waste is able to be picked up/out. Using Dog Gone It’s Yard Duty system your lawn will be able to quickly replenish itself through rhizome growth, it allows sunlight to enter damaged spots, and cuts down on atmospheric contaminants.

Dog Gone It’s Yard Duty has been teaching pet owners and Pet Care Professionals the importance of maintaining neighborhood education and training for responsible pet ownership.

Dog Gone It has reinforced its dedication to offering professional, quality services and increasing their knowledge of the pet care industry. Tom Miller and Dog Gone It Yard Duty are available for waste services in Southern Cuyahoga, Northern Medina and Eastern Lorain counties.

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